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Wife being fingered

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Wife being fingered

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I was happy to marry and only have sex with my husband for the rest of my life. I never thought I'd have such strong second thoughts.

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It was completely soaked as if I had just gotten out of a pool. I literally ran away.

It came naturally for me; I flirt with every one of my friends. I had to start working at a new location a while back.

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He started choking me, just as the bartender looked down at us. He stopped playing with my clit and put a finger inside of me. Bs dating com hand went up my shorts and I tried to stop him, but as he pushed in I remembered that he fungered going to listen to me. He sat down on the other side of me as Wife being fingered continued to talk to this random woman I had never met.

We sat there for a little while after. Feeling his hands running up my bare thigh had me wet instantly. I didn't know how to fkngered it. I don't know if the woman got up or just wasn't wife being fingered attention, but apparently she didn't notice a thing when he took his hand out of my shorts to spit on it. But then we started flirting.

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I went to the bathroom to clean up a Dude looking for special chick. I opened them to look into his eyes as he smiled. He started finger fucking me again, harder and faster. His hands were so strong and I loved geing them running up and down my legs.

He started to put his hand up my shorts.

My pussy was begging to be touched. He got up, and a woman sat down next to me in his seat. My husband had gone off with his friends and everyone fingsred started to leave unti it was just me and my coworker sitting at the far end away from everyone else. He saw this and moved closer.

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I had soaked completely through my underwear. He felt so damn good; he definitely knew what he was doing.

I uncomfortably apologized. All of these people can watch you cum. I have never had a man do that before. I turned to him and told him that he had to stop, I couldn't talk to this woman while he was fingering me!

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I had no idea how to respond! Then one night at the bar, we were off by ourselves again. He started grabbing me in between my thighs.

He's probably like this with everyone. I was still trying to process what had just happened as he was watching one of the TVs. No one ever saw, and when I got a little more ballsy, I did the same.

I licked his fingers clean. Luckily, I was wearing an oversized hoodie so it just looked like I was holding his hand there.

He told me finggered cum again for him. He was slamming his fingers in my pussy as I opened my legs wife being fingered, eager to feel him. My heart was pounding. My entire body tensed up as I tried my best to keep quiet and not to squirm too much so no one would know, but he knew.