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Tweet On Match. Was this answer helpful?

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The green open circle which you describe means recently active, or that he was online recently.

Yes No Comment. In Game Settings, you can turn Quiz Preloading off this setting is on by default.

The green dot : match

Most people can just ignore it, especially with opponents they trust aren't trying to cheat. They just recently changed their setup as well, so it no longer will freen you on the desktop how long ago they were active.

The only way to reliably avoid this is to use the mobile version of SongPop. When Lady seeking sex Hillburn is a green dot it means they are online now and active. In fact, in most cases when this appears, it doesn't mean they were trying to cheat - it just means they left and came back to the app, played some matches out of order, or maybe played some party quizzes in between.


It used to tell you within the hr, within 24hrs or within 3 days or active within weeks now it doesn't anymore. This should almost always prevent your opponents from seeing your picture without the orange light. Yes No Buttonman said: I was watching this on the Likes. Guru 1 y The circle is a way to describe whether someone is active or online at the moment. Was this answer helpful?

Follow Orange Light Normally on the border of an opponent's profile picture you will see a small dot that is green if the user is online, or gray if the user is either offline or has Online Status turned off in Privacy Settings. If you want to leave Quiz Preloading enabled to speed up loading quizzes, you can still minimize the orange light appearing on your profile by playing all of your opponents in order.

Unfortunately, playing SongPop on desktop PC on Facebook may cause the orange light to appear on your profile if your opponents are using the mobile version. The downside is you might have to spend more time waiting for quizzes to load. I think she was messaging with people she had messaged nexy in the past before we both hid our profiles Was this comment helpful? If this happens, when your opponent plays the match, there will be Lady seeking casual sex Newton Grove orange dot next to your profile picture.

What does the green/orange button next to people's profiles mean? | findsomeone

Because of the preloading, this can result in some quizzes being downloaded more than once from our server. When they have no dot at all they haven't been active in a long time.

The smaller the whole or the closer it is to being filled in, grove ladyboy rose more recent they've been on. I have been on and off match long enough to know this and it was explained to me by someone who worked for them.

Red dot in people who viewed you | mingle2

When its just a hollow green circle then it means they were active within the last hrs. Tweet On Match.

However, some players found a trick that allowed them to cheat to increase their score. Was this comment helpful?

What does it mean when an orange light appears next to my picture? – songpop 2. we love music!

Yes No Buttonman said: I know. Yes No Seeking companion for a new beginning said: so there are no glitches Yes No hoketch96 Was this comment helpful? I logged off and my friend said he could still see it on. But maybe you want to play some matches out of order compared to the list, hreen you don't want to play all the matches in one session, or you play some party rounds in between playing your opponents.

If someone is trying to do this, the orange light will also appear next to their profile picture.

Once in a while, however, this dot will be orange. I sent her a message and she pretended to mame be online when I watched her dot go green on and off 3 times during a approx. In order to let you play your matches as soon as possible, Housewives looking real sex Joliet Illinois time you finish a quiz we start preloading the next one right away so you don't have to wait as long or at all for the quiz to load when you start up the next one.

What does it mean when an orange light appears next to my picture?

After the match, if there are more matches to play the Next button appears with a on itdo not click the home button - click Next and play the next match until the Next button no longer match.ccom, meaning you have played all the matches in which it is currently your turn. They have been having glitches and issues with the dots the past few weeks.

He is not fo currently then, but if said circle is filled in a solid green circle it means he is online at the moment.