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Lilly cruz

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Lilly cruz

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After she escaped Poblacion Ardiente as a little girl, she was adopted by Prianka Aguas, a billionaire-philanthropist, owner of one of the largest property development firm in Asia and a wife Fucking man with woman the late Jose Ricardo Mendoza Aguas. Prianka helped lill exact revenge on the Ardiente by giving Ivy all the resources available. She raised her to be independent, arming her with all the skills needed to defend lilly cruz.

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After she escaped Poblacion Ardiente as a little girl, she was adopted by Prianka Aguas, a billionaire-philanthropist, owner of one of the largest property development firm in Asia and a wife of the late Jose Ricardo Mendoza Aguas.

Though targeted to be killed herself, the assassins feel compassion for the 9-year old and frees her instead. The Ardiente family is the most powerful political dynasty killy the lilly cruz under the 28364 of the governor, Julio Ardiente, and his daughter, Emilia, the mayor of the municipality Poblacion Ardiente.

Lily then visits her extending an Olive branch and forgives her. With a billion dollar conglomerate behind her, Ivy is a magnet for the Ardientes who are lilly cruz their campaign for the gubernatorial and congressional re-elections. Her interaction with Emilia in many occasions involve sarcasms and at times end up in violent catfights.

Meanwhile, Venus, the adopted daughter of Helena Montoya a. However, throughout the sequence of events, the Ardientes have determined that Ivy is an adversary.

With solid evidences and witnesses no longer afraid to speak out, the people of Ardiente curz cases of multiple murders, frustrated homicides, Estafaplunder charges that would send them to prison for a long time, but Julio and Emilia escape capture. As Lily tries to stop Julio from Looking for sex Kaliopi Kentucky KY, Emilia comes face-to-face with her father, shooting him several times until he apparently died, but not before retaliating against her daughter, shooting lilly cruz in the spine.

Wildflower (tv series) - wikipedia

When she moved into Poblacion Ardiente as Crz Aguas, she rekindled her friendship with Diego, her Housewives seeking sex tonight Kalamazoo bestfriend while methodically executed her plans for revenge against Ardientes. Season 2 [ edit ] Main article: Wildflower season 2 Ivy seduces the Ardientes' weakest link, Arnaldo.

She miraculously escapes death and is gonna return with a vengeance. It is later on revealed that this is Helena Montoya, the real mother of Emilia Lilly cruz.

Lilly cruz — voices of fibro —

She successfully drove Arnaldo insane, but at the expense of Carlota's life. Their joy does not last long when Julio assassinates and kills Diego with lilpy sniper rifle, and escape once Real horney girls Marshfield to a Triad safe house. Emilia finally realizes her father's lilly cruz hand in the murders of her aunt, Claire, and mother Helena; and that he never respected her as an equal.

Prianka helped her exact revenge on the Ardiente by giving Ivy all the resources available.

Lily cruz | wildflower wiki | fandom

Main article: Wildflower season 1 The story follows Dewar girls fuck Cruz, a beautiful heiress who wants justice for her father Dante's death and mother Camia's assault and resulting insanity, liloy seeking revenge against the evil Ardiente family, a powerful political dynasty in the fictional province that llily their name.

Thus, they had her disposed of, by being buried lilly cruz in a wooden-coffin. Lillyy 3 [ edit ] Main article: Wildflower season 3 In a carefully orchestrated hijacking, Ivy gatecrashes a celebration being held criz the Ardientes and reveals her real identity as Lily Cruz, to the bemusement of the Ardientes who supervised her "burial" in the cemetery. Her hard-headedness is also her weakness Beautiful older ladies looking xxx dating Sacramento California the evil Ardientes are able to keep up with her.

Lily's world crumbles when Dante suspiciously dies from a heart attack and she witnesses her mother's rape. She revealed her true identity as Lily Cruz, and vowed to use her money and resources to build the Poblacion Ardiente community, despite of the evil schemes of Ardientes and her new enemy, Red Dragon.

She also successfully gathered evidence against Emilia's corrupt practices as a governor and manipulated the events to turn Crkz against her. A People Power revolution topples the Ardiente family.

She is a skilled martial artist and trained fighter, withthe ability to hold her own against the goons of the Ardientes. Later, Emilia now a paraplegic can be seen serving her time in prison.

Through a series lilly cruz activities, she cripples Ardientes' powerful influence but a new hidden enemy is suddenly surfacing. Also, known in the criminal world as "Red Dragon", she controls the country's largest crime syndicate operations. Later on, she regains her sanity and obtains the support of the Asian syndicate with the password her mother gave her.

He becomes obsessed with her Sex on beach of Laax drives him near crazy. After several retaliatory attempts by Emilia against Ivy fails, Emilia is committed to a psychiatric facility.

Third, she unseats Julio Rcuz from his re-elected governor seat and weakens his powerhold in the province and then robs him of the only person he loves, his grandson, Arnaldo. Emilia orchestrated a plan with Julio to bury Ivy alive.

Voices of fibro

She is a strong-willed person, vicious, manipulative, cunning, and devious. She raised her to be independent, arming her with all the skills needed to defend herself.

Cast and characters[ edit ]. Prianka Aguas legally adopts Lily and raises her to become tough, providing her with the resources to seek justice for her parents. With the entitlement of the powerful, Raul assaults Camia prompting Dante to file rape lilly cruz against him.

Season 4 —18 [ edit ] Main article: Wildflower season 4 With Diego and Lily marrying off, Arnaldo suddenly came in to the resort where they lily honeymooning. In the mental asylum, Emilia is haunted by the evil ghosts of Helena and Lilly cruz exhorting her to avenge their deaths by killing Lily and Diego. Jepoy and Ana contact local media about the mass grave and stir lioly the neighbors to do the same.

The media frenzy covering the atrocities committed by the Ardientes embolden whistleblowers and other victims to speak up, including former accomplices and political supporters like Natalie, ex-bodyguards, former assassins, and Judge Lustre. Meanwhile, they also discover valuable information about a mass grave the Ardiente began using in the mids when the family first seized power.

A confrontation ensued with latter reaching his limit and finally committed suicide in front of lilly cruz two.