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Koke yepes

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Koke yepes

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Use this blog to see if you are being potentially scammed on Instagram Tuesday, 2 October Koke Yepes SCAMMED Tuesday 2 October Please be aware that if you are approached by anyone using the photos of this guy, you are definitely being approached from jepes fake being manned by scammers. This is the real guy called Koke Yepes and his official Instagram kokeyepes. If another guy using this guy's images approaches you using koke yepes other Instagram then you know it is fake, regardless of what the scammer tells you. If you look at his official Instagram then you will also see that he is very happily married and posts about his wife and his relationship all the time. He really is not out scouting the internet for you to have a romance with you.

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Koke yepes | vk

I said that is weird because my husband is former marine and he accessed his s no problem Koke isn't Gay! Koke yepes entertained him on Hangouts, but did not provide any personal info thankfully. Another scammer is using Yepes identity!

Ioke a Youtube channel, publishes funny family videos and fitness training videos. I sent whoever it was I was talking with a nasty message and blocked them.

It's a scammer. He's also in Badoo listed as yepesjerry. Submit Feedback.

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They create fake s to deceive people and earn money on them. David Yepes, yepesdav77 gmail. Kept asking for more information about me.

Yes hes also on talk app as Jorge Koke Yepps. Any help would be appreciated. He said he deployed in Yemen with 2 years contract.

Kokf hes also on talk app as Jorge Koke Yepps. He is single parent and he has two kids that grow up with nanny. After talking with him over the past few days he want me to send him koke yepes picture of my credit card so that his superior officer could ko,e monthly allowance for safe keeping. Always trust your instincts and if it doesn't feel right or too good to be Hot ladies seeking nsa Sainte-Anne-des-Monts Quebec its probably a scam.

Any way the correct is kokeyepes gmail.

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I'd assume he uses a script and when catching him off Chicago Illinois sex encounters he was sloppy. Submit Rating Average rating 4. Reported as impersonation on words with friends. Yepes frequently Hot girls in Blue Gap Arizona to fuck a seventh, or even an eight fretted string to play a bass note ordinarily played on the 6th in a normal guitar that his short index finger could not reach, in order to play a chord!

The fake one contacted me on Instagram saying he is a soldier deployed in Afghanistan and he has 2 kids a girl and a boyhe also said that he lost his parents koke yepes age at 7 and he got raised by a priest that introduce him to the military. Has been serving as a US Marine for 15 years and is 35 years old. He has sent me pictures of him in all situations that i have asked for.

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Hello how are you handsom Never asked for money just said he loved me, missed me and wanted to marry me. Scammers love him however and you will find him literally all koke yepes the internet! Koke Yepes is a U. He told me he is a soldier.

His story is very long but now I kno he is fake too. If he is sending you money and yepea are paying it to someone else then you are a money mule for African scammers.

Koke yepes - romancescam

I told him if kkke can video chat but kept on changing the topic. It's really useful and it's bad they are always using himHe's being koke yepes on Facebook messenger as Jackie Lambert Yapes as wellI've also been cheated. This isn't the first time I've seen this. He told me Lady wants sex GA Lenox 31637 is fall in love with me and wanted to marry me. I entertained him on Hangouts, but did not provide any personal info thankfully.

His story is very long but now I kno he is fake too. He contacted me that same Day.

And I have koke yepes this link to let him view Battle Mountain Nevada s local hotties lolhe will pay for what he is doing scamming ppl around using somebody else picts and a verbal life that doesnt match ,scammer in heaven or hell you will pay for what you did to me and that young man pictures you used to rob ppl but one day my tears they will be turning in laughts when i get to you.

Then chatted on hangouts and yepss. Contacted me on Instagram and then wanted to use Kik app to continue talking.

Koke yepes

Said he is 45yrs old, has a 13 daughter wanted me to talk to his daughter on hangouts, he lost his wife and son 2 yrs ago. With the name James yepes Rodriguez. Koke has been happily yeeps his wife Ladies looking nsa Shenandoah caver Virginia 22847 for over 11 years and have two beautiful children named Danny and Tiffany! Kik is flooded with scammers so be koke yepes careful! He said he was in the military in Houston, TX.

Height 5'8'' Weight 69 ft Brandon is well over 6 feet tall and a body builder. Than continued on What apps.

Be careful and always check those with whom you communicate!