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Hinge app questions

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Hinge app questions

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Go-To dish to cook — Do ramen noodles count? What Makes Me Happy? My Childhood Crush — Tarzan, no doubt! Oh, that raven-black hair and jewels!

Name: Margalit
Age: 50
City: Moss
Hair: Long
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Keep reading for 9 examples of good Hinge profile answers, plus learn how to hinge app questions the questions that highlight your most attractive traits! Hingd photos particularly your main profile photo will have the single biggest impact on your dating success, bios, prompts, and answers provide context, detail and al sincerity, effort and intention.

They are similar to normal prompts but instead of answering questions with words, you use photos. I geek out on - Use this prompt to be a little quirky, random, or unconvential.

First of all, with an answer like this, you will give your potential partner room to ask you different questions. Funny Hinge Answers 2: Honge Going the tongue-in-cheek route, I like that this guy used a competing dating app for his punchline.

Besides, taking up one third of your profile to let her know what bugs you tends to sound a little whiny. The Hinge profile questions allow you to showcase your wit in a variety of ways and I suggest you attempt to tickle some funny bones whenever possible.

16 un-hinged answers to your hinge profile prompts

How does Hinge most compatible work? Generally having good photos can give you more leeway when it comes to these revelations. Ignoring captions, prompts and thoughtful answers can offset good photos you might otherwise have instantly.

How does Hinge preferred work? Photo prompts are options and only available on iOS.

Best hinge answers that work in - let's see what they are

And, honestly, how can you go wrong with music, seafood and good beer by the water? So why hand her a reason to tap that red X? Clever Hinge Answers 6: Good Question This guy is clearly trying to create some leverage and is showcasing that he enjoys museums. Want advice?

As a free qustions, I can only see them one at a time, and so have to reject one by one as I go through them. Creative Hinge Hinge app questions 2: But…How? Are most of us not just passing the time during the boring parts of a Netflix binge, or boosting our egos after failing to pull IRL on Saturday night?

I tried hinge and this is everything i learnt

hinge app questions Get To Know You Questions. Odds are excellent it will work just as well in other locations, so consider making it one of your three choices. However, pick something questuons laundry, dishes, eye contact or something personal and you risk scaring off a potential suitor. Knowing the type of people you like to add to your inner circle is quite revealing and shows how you view others.

16 un-hinged answers to your hinge profile prompts (you can thank me later)

How do I make a good hinge profile? However, the positive takeaway there is that for the bisexual and pansexual communities, Hinge seems to hinge app questions me equally as many women as men compared to Tinder, where I see one woman for hunge every tenth man. I like that this guy offered a couple specific examples because this helps attract women who also enjoy those shows A guy date for a wedding something similar.

Personality, character, lifestyle, uniqueness and other things about you is what can separate you from the masses. Best Hinge Answers 9: Social, Fun, and Competitive I love it when a man is social, competitive, and likes to have a good time.

My most irrational fear — Vulnerability is always a good thing when done right but make sure what you write is not revealing or TMI. Self-deprecating humor is extremely charming if you utilize it the right way, which this guy does.

For the second date, I always recommend doing something free and physical in order to escalate binge tension. But what are you paying for?

I tried hinge and this is everything i learnt | grazia

Still Need Help? Wouldn't it be nice to finally stop swiping and start dating higher hnige matches so you can meet someone special? More importantly, he takes to rainy days with gusto. Enough said.

And no matter if we are talking about your outstanding cooking skills, ever-wandering mind, adventurous soul, or anything else that you can show off through these answers. How Do Hinge Prompts Work?

The best answers to hinge prompts, questions

Something self-deprecating here can also be quite effective as it shows confidence through vulnerability. Worst fad I participated in — Choose wisely on this. But the interesting thing here is he ends with a question that only museum lady-buffs might know the answer to.