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Gay sissy slave stories

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Gay sissy slave stories

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It all began one day when my car overheated on the wrong side of town. I pulled off to the side of the road and Hot ladies wants nsa Lahaina as the steam bellowed from gat front of my car. I contemplated my options as I sat there in the hot and humid weather. I was broke and at least 15 miles from my destination.

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I didn't have to be told — like all black men he wanted to be served. After all, I was 18!

Turned into a mexican master's sissyboy cockslave : part 1

I heard a door open and the steps of my captors return. I picked up my pants and went through the pockets.

Adult looking sex tonight Elmira Oregon I slve to squirm away but there was nowhere to move. She dominates him and embarrrasses him in front of her girlfriends, eventually sissifying him and feminizing him. When I awoke from my drug induced coma, I strained to focus on the room around me.

We agreed that She would publish all material in the net if I failed to obey Her orders during a period of six months. Daddy is kind but dont be decieved by his loving charm, if Jrdan is a naughty little girl daddy will show her punishment. As I was especially interested amonst others also to be forced into obedience against my will, I furnished Her with the link to The Slave Registry where I am registered as a slaveslut and gay sissy slave stories a Slave Contract with my full name and all my details.

Punishment should be no way out of obedience, thereafter Slsve should be forced to perform the order given to Your complete satisfation. He kept Sevierville TN milf personals me no, that he was too big for me, and I kept begging him to fuck me. I want the fuckin' money you owe me — NOW! He treated me nice when Mom was around, but when we were alone he mostly ignored me.

He was kissing my neck and sucking on my tits and I felt SO feminine and sexy! Comment: Synopsis: A sissy maid gets teased and humiliated. In fact, looking back on it, I gay sissy slave stories a downright sissy. Once inside they removed my handcuffs and handed me a disposable razor and a can of shaving cream.

This position automatically had the effect of spreading my buttocks and immobilizing me, because my back was on the pillows up against the headboard. Comment: Synopsis: John gets caught by his aunt and turned into a sissy slave.

Gay sissy stories – smutmd

I obeyed him numbly. I lay there, naked in his arms, my head full of stars, smelling his flesh, bay soon I slept, too.

He relaxed and lowered my legs from his arms and fell on top of me, breathing heavily. Butch was a good teacher.

Gay master and sissy slave stories - gay - kawalyeu

I blushed and I could feel my face turning red. I was thrown a towel to dry myself Horny mummy sex with and was led from the bathroom into another room. The elevator was really old and it had a folding cage like door that you had to close first, then the big door closed storoes you pushed the floor button. You wasn't shittin', Jose!

Gay slave stories

Sudden he groaned in pleasure and ejaculated into my mouth. Comment: Synopsis: A cuckold sissy husband is sent to work and serve at a Femdom Club by stries dominant wife and her live in lover.

And here I was, over 18! I was completely nude, except for the 4 inch high heels.

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He shook his head. I tensed when I felt a big hand feeling up my bare legs. I gasped; there was Butch standing behind me with his arms folded, watching me. I traded my ticket in at the counter for a ticket to Dallas. They handcuffed me and pushed me to the back of storiez shop. I did as he told me. You gone pay my money back an then some. Single horney women Perrysburg city only

s,ave He opened the door and looked at me, cowering on the bed, naked and scared. A single naked light bulb filled the room with a sickly pale light.

Sissyslave guenter turned into a slut

He used his fists and a big leather belt. The driver backed my car into a service bay and got out to release the tow truck from my front end. I had been robbed while I slept. They fell to the floor.

I dug around and suddenly I felt sick. As we kissed he greased his finger in Vaseline and inserted it into my rectum. They actually surgically gave me breast implants. I'm telling the truth — my money is gone! They cuffed my ankles to the legs and my hands behind me gxy to one of the chairs wooden cross supports.

Sissyslave guenter turned into a slut |

Three or four of them lived with us at different times, but they never stayed for long. Suddenly I felt his body tense and he began shaking. Well, lsave over 18 and rebellious, I had no desire to go live with them because they were religious nuts and very strict. Then one of the men pulled out a syringe and poked it into my vein. Comment: Synopsis: male sissyfied and in public humiliated and punished.