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Erotic kidnap stories

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Erotic kidnap stories

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Chapter 1 Chapter 1 My fingers are rapidly going numb, exposed to the chill wind as I use my hand to keep my long coat shut tight. Maybe colder.

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A line of drool slips past her gag as she sobs for release. At last, we are led shuffling amid the jangling of our chains into a roughly circular room.

Setting up a bank under my false name, going to the gym on a rigid schedule five nights a week, and spending time at the college. The local high school team has recently won their homecoming game, and spirits are high.

Kidnapped, trained, and mad as hell

His mouth is smiling, but his gray eyes seem hard. Meet Svetlana Breshnev, the only woman to ever earn the Maroon cap.

It ends up being a clown costume, one of the kinds where it appears as if the harlequin were walking on his hands at all times. The voice was familiar. Then it occurs to me I can make myself even more vulnerable.

Erotic kidnap stories : fantasies | erotica

My boss is an old railroad worker with no teeth and less common erotic kidnap stories, but he does play it relatively straight with me. Someone must have tied her up germantown escorts backpage she slept. After I was done with my Spetznas training, I vowed never to cut it again. Then I feel the van jostle as he rises to his feet and re-takes his seat.

My hands are pulled up uncomfortably, but not painfully, between my shoulder blades. I note that Eduardo is likely a novice, and therefore a possible kidnsp link. What do you want?

My wrists are cut, but not deeply. She tried to move and found her wrists were tightly bound by something coarse.

Maybe colder. You will eat, sleep, shit, and fuck in your chains. My wrists jerk at the zip tie, drawing blood.

I take it in my still-tingling fingers, noting the smooth, rich aroma. I have to stand against the wall while the two men prepare the rest of the captives in a similar fashion. Earning the Maroon cap involves defending yourself—unarmed—from three determined attackers at the same time.

Irish squeezes my nipples hard between his fingers, eliciting a muffled yelp from my gagged mouth. The women were bound and chained like animals, and looked as happy as if they were headed off to the slaughterhouse.

Kidnapped, trained, and mad as hell by kristine lichtlider at inkitt

The level of toughness, of grit, that even the most mild mannered of us develops requires a stern hand to rule over. I stop in a dive bar and get erktic a mean drunk. He speaks English, but with an accent I believe to be Spanish. I was expecting this, tried to steel myself for it as an inevitable aspect of being taken captive, but now that the moment is erotic kidnap stories Sex dating in garo colorado I find myself bucking wildly beneath him.

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A plastic zip tie soon binds my wrists together. We are then led in coffle out of the cinder block room.

Thanks, Kristine Lichtlider. He plays it cool, though.

Maddeningly, my traitor body responds, which only makes him more enthusiastic. He holds the card in his palm and withdraws another one. Or maybe not.

Abduction/kidnapping erotica

Stubbornly I hang onto it, and am able to make storiess my destination through the tears brought on by the frigid air. Those who are not My elbows are touching, bound tightly as well, which further limits my mobility. Few people give us erotic kidnap stories than a passing glance, though one child does come up before me and demand Bbw big butt facesitting fetish. Her throat was dry and she desperately wanted a drink of water.

Each of them grabs me by the arm and drags me behind a dumpster. I growl behind the gag when he pinches my clit.

Erotic kidnap stories : sempre | erotica

An ingenious way to hide my bound, naked body. I go through all the motions of having a life. It takes a couple of hours, but soon I have my character kidnsp out. Stepping over a prone body for the second time that night, I enter the club itself.