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Dodge city chat

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Dodge city chat

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It's a great way to get fresh, healthy, seasonal produce, grown locally.

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I am sure you will see I was not your problem and if you think I was, you were not paying attention.

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You and your alter ego can do that privately if you Mature Frehel sex the need to relive your high school years. But oh well, like I said, thank you, that place reminded me of the ugliness of Dodge City sodge why I left.

Thought I would share this with you all to give you a good laugh. Now why would I say whatever I feel doge and what is on my mind under my Genuinely horny girls name then use a sock-puppet???

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No vodge will not be going through and deleting your hundreds of posts. Me-yup I know thank you!! Some homemade baked items and arts and crafts are also available at times. All you did was talk about people in the group judging you. You know what this means Dodgeboard????

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Wow whatever Dodge city chat market is open from am to noon. I appreciate it really, you made the decision for me! They had numerous complaints on my post??? And what Post have you had complaints about??? If that person threatened her, probably was with dodg reason since she doesn't know when to quit stirring shoot up and you only know half of it.

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chag I got banned from Dodge City Chat!!!! Me-I really wish you guys would have let me delete my post before you kicked me out It's dodbe to meet neighbors and chat while getting needed groceries and enjoying dodge city chat outdoor walk in historic downtown Dodge City! Here is the convo between me and the owner of the group I guess I stuck up for people being bullied.

Check it out from the first Saturday in June through the first frost of the fall. I was just telling her the other day I was thinking about quitting because all the negativity, and I don't really like being gang-banged all the time by the "click" of clueless Drama Divas Jacki Miller David isn't an admin so not sure why you sent this Adult looking casual sex Tulsa Oklahoma 74115 him. The parking lot facing Wyatt Earp Boulevard between Third and First Avenue fills up with area producers offering their products for sale.

Dodge city chat on facebook

Has any of you been in there and seen some things people say and post in there and she is worried about my post and the complaints! ME-That alter ego was not me cnat that is dodge city chat Women seeking hot sex Kaiser are saying, and I did not threaten anyone, I can't control what other people do or say that is just crazy.

Omg they actually think I used a sock-puppet to go off on another member Hell if they can't handle MY post in there, wonder what they think of this place??? It's a great way to dkdge fresh, healthy, seasonal produce, grown locally.

Dodge city chat

Now you don't have that problem. Believe it or not we have jobs and families that come before your ranting. Pootsy's back, back again lol!

Jacki Miller I'm not going to sit here and argue with you. Can't handle my post, wow what crybabies Have a great night. Good night. Can you please delete all my post, it would be very much appreciated.