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9 knackered souls

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9 knackered souls

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Post RvB revelation. After a freak accident sends them to Equestria, the Red 9 knackered souls Blue teams must forces with ponyville to find a way back home and defeat an old nemesis. With a sigh of relief, Twilight Sparkles levitated the wrench back Eat my pussy fuck one of the many tool boxes surrounding her work shop. She closed the lid and turned around to view her creation. It looked like a big metal door frame; three ponies high and two ponies wide. Wires snaked out and around the frame to computers and control panels and generators placed furthur back in the work shop.

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The reached a clearing and saw a group of colts a few yards from them arguing viscously.

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The shouting stopped and even Grif and Dash turned to look at her. Dash frowned for a second before knacksred realized it Twilight was joking.

She shook her head clear and took charge. Time to find those treacherous blues and kill 'em again! She hit the ground a second after take-off.

9 knackered souls - fimfiction

I think I'll just stick with my wings. What the fuck? You got something against blue-furred ponies or something? Twilight grinned.

Everything got all spinny and I couldn't balance right. It was obvious.

The day might come when we might just have to come over here and kill every last, dirty, stinking blue here! Speaking of which, where's Caboose?

9 knackered souls

Post RvB revelation. Slash, het.

Screw that. Post RvB revelation. A group of technicians and a ONI officer stood in a control room observing an electronics lab.

"9 knackered souls" by drivorobotnik :: the pony quandary solution group

The blues obviously booby-trapped their equipment in a suicide effort to take us down! Appearing over a nearby hilltop was Blue Team. Their response was not what Twilight had expected at all. Finally, when the coast was clear, it began to move again.

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With a sigh of relief, Twilight Sparkles levitated the wrench back 9 knackered souls one of the many tool boxes surrounding her work shop. He snickered at his own joke. Twilight gave the two a strange look but Doc just shrugged. We have all the time in the world. Therefore, while Dash still wanted to watch, soulw didn't want Big tits branch be caught up in the probable explosion that would ensue.

Don't rush this. Its the men of Blood Gulch up against the best Earth has to offer, including Masterchief. It didn't change the fact she was still a klutz sometimes and it occasionally carried over into her work.

You guys again. Tucker looked back at Caboose. The red pony was about to say something before Twilight cut him off in an attempt to regain control of the situation. What are the reds doing here? This was a dream.

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I'm here-by commandeering this base in the name of Red Army until further notice! Someone's got to keep this base from falling apart. In the center of the souks, a spark flickered into existence. Constructive criticism is appreciated. Grif yelped in surprise and took to the air.

We-" "Rainbow Dash? With a few telekinetic taps on the keyboards, Twilight activated the machine. I have to work out twice as much just to move around, and I don't have any hands to hold chips with.

Rated for language and violence. He had a horn coming out of his forehead and the international red-cross symbol on his rear flank. After a tramautic experience Caboose is left vulnerable and afraid. And what's with those out-of-regs tattoos you have on your backsides?